My Approach to Counseling

I meet clients where they are at in their personal process: your needs guide the counseling session. I am attentive, understanding, empathetic, realistic and insightful. My goal is for you to feel heard and understood, which allows you to make positive changes. Clients are most successful if the therapist is a right match. If we decide that I am the right fit, we would identify treatment goals and review them regularly to ensure your needs are being met.  


My depth of experience and explorations underpin my work as a clinician. I primarily draw from the disciplines of  humanistic, cognitive-behavioral,  family of origin, and body psychotherapy (a form of mindfulness) to address your personal concerns as they interfere with your daily life. I am client-centered and tailor my approach to meet your needs. 

Humanistic Therapists  believe that for clients to create lasting changes, the therapist must convey openness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. I strongly support this stance in setting the tone for your session. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists  believe that an individual is influenced by one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Clients learn to replace distortions with healthier habits to create lasting changes. I practice this approach and know its effectiveness. I am able to assist you in doing the same. 

Family of Origin Therapists  believe clients benefit from understanding multi-generational family patterns as a way to create change. I witness clients changing due to a deeper understanding of past and current family dynamics. I trust that you can achieve similar results. 

Body Psychotherapy (a form of mindfulness) is for clients who desire a more body psycho-therapeutic approach. Modern research regarding the brain and emotions reveals that anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, and somatic discomfort is stored in the body and not just the mind. As you reduce the tension in your body through a more expansive breath, you allow for positive lasting changes. Clients with entrenched anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, emotional reactivity, and blocked emotions,  find body psychotherapy to be particularly effective. 

Serving: University Place, Fircrest, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, Sumner, Lake Tapps, & Bonney Lake. Through video conference calling or phone, I am able to offer my services to residents of Washington.   

Contact me at 253.300.2710 or by email at  to book your complementary 30-minute phone consultation to decide  whether my approach works for you.