Taking charge of your life.

Effective therapy eases suffering with the overall goal of understanding oneself better. Through counseling, clients become aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and the way they respond or react to life stressors. In developing a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding, clients cultivate lasting skills. As a result, clients create a healthier relationship with both themselves and others and experience a  sense of contentment and inner peace. Clients take charge of their lives. 

I believe in your ability to grow as an individual and to create the life that you want. Research shows that although change can be difficult, change is possible with the correct tools and emotional support. Having made personal changes themselves, effective counselors emotionally and intellectually understand what is involved in making  lasting positive changes. I value watching people like you make the changes you  desire in creating the life you want. I feel honored to be an active participant in the process. 

Contact me at 253.300.2710 or by email at colleen@bowersockcounseling.com  to book your complementary 30-minute phone consultation to decide  whether my approach works for you.